Fondazione ENGIM – Ente Nazionale Giuseppini del Murialdo is a private institution operating in the educational and vocational training area as an offshoot of the Saint Joseph Congregation - Giuseppini del Murialdo, founded in 1873 under the initiative of Saint Leonardo Murialdo.

Located in Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Lazio with 30 educational centers attended by over 8000 students, ENGIM is accredited for the compulsory training, continuous training, higher education, orientation and services for work. ENGIM operate also in 15 developing countries in the world, paying particular attention to the importance of education, the development of skills and the generation of new ideas, understood as key tools for human development, economic growth and productivity. Vocational education and training are, in fact, important elements for the purpose of creating an inclusive society, so ENGIM has chosen professional training as its main area of ​​action, engaging in the development and implementation of good practices at national, European and world level, enhancing the competence of its operators at an international level.

In a time where the integration into the labour market is becoming increasingly difficult, the values upheld by ENGIM revolving around personal care and business approach could be the pillars of a deeply-roothed social mission aiming at reshaping the Third Sector in a modern way.